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Z is for Zebra

29 Jun


Z is for Zebra.

It’s sad when things end. But what a lot we’ve learned along the way.


Y is for Yak

27 Jun


Y is for yak. Yaks look a lot like the letter y, which was very convenient. We went with felt on this one, to give our yak a furrier feel.

Y is for yellow, yes, yucky and yum.

X is for X-ray fish

2 Jun


It’s hard to tell from the picture, but this x-ray fish is partially made from waxed paper. We cut out fish bones for the x-ray fish’s top half and then covered the bones with wax paper so you could see the bones underneath. The x-ray fish got some glitter to make it glisten. X-ray fish are also known as neon tetras. They’re the only x animal we could come up with. Most animal alphabet books cheat on this one and go with fox, but we found that solution unacceptable.

X is for xylophone, too, and not much else that kids have heard of.

W is for Whale

29 May


W is for whale. It’s a wiggly whale, just like the narwhal, but we looked at a lot of pictures of real whales online so she knows they don’t really bend like that. We just watched Finding Nemo last week, so the whale got a clown fish and a blue tang to keep it company. I cut them out, she coloured them and stuck them down.

W is also for witch, what, when, where and why

V is for Vulture

27 Apr


V is for vulture. V is also for van, vase and Victoria. V offered another opportunity to use feathers. The vulture ended up with an angry green eyebrow and a tiny baby vulture that she drew and cut out all by herself.

V is for van, vinegar and very, very good.

U is for Unicorn

14 Apr


U is for unicorn. We couldn’t come up with any real animals that start with U. And besides, unicorn is too cool not to do. With a pink yarn mane and tail and a glittery gold horn, this one replaced L is for leopard as her favourite letter so far. The glitter glue almost soaked right through the paper. She got her fingers involved, swirling the colours together for a truly magical unicorn.

U is also for underwear. U is lots of fun.

T is for Tiger

28 Mar


T is for tiger. I think this is my favourite so far. It was my favourite when I did the animal alphabet with my son, as well. There’s something about the felt stripes and the little round ears that makes this tiger absolutely charming.

T is for treat, toys, terrible and terrific.